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    重庆卓宝必威体育网页版工程有限公司,高新技术企业,以生产功能性建筑材料、承接装饰保温和必威体育网页版工程为主的系统供应商。 重庆卓宝必威体育网页版工程有限公司是一家以生产功能性建筑材料、承接装饰保温和必威体育网页版工程为主的系统供应商,是国家高新技术企业,是中国建筑必威体育网页版协会副理事长单位。公司下辖重庆多个材料厂、重庆卓宝必威体育网页版工程有限公司等多个子公司。行管、生产员工、营销、工程施工员工总数超百人。 重庆卓宝必威体育网页版工程有限公司,成立于2009年7月6日,总部设在重庆市九龙坡区。从事功能性建筑材料研发、生产、销售和施工的企业,包括建筑必威体育网页版(必威体育注册手机版和涂料)、装饰保温、虹吸雨水排放系统、同层排放系统等。卓宝必威体育网页版的产品涵盖四大类、数十个品种,拥有多项国家专利,且全部通过了质量管理体系等众多专业认证。 作为必威体育网页版系统解决方案的提供者,重庆卓宝必威体育网页版将各种专项必威体育网页版系统成功应用于:房屋建筑、高速公路、城市道桥、地铁及城市轨道、高速铁路、机场、水利设施等众多领域,其中包括多个国家及省市自治区标志性建筑。公司与金科地产、龙湖地产、和记黄埔地产、重庆喜来登酒店、重庆上邦戴斯酒店、从前石桥广场等大型房地产商、企业集团建立长期稳定的战略合作关系。面对广大终端消费者对优质必威体育网页版产品的需求,重庆卓宝必威体育网页版通过多家大型家装公司和建材市场的千家万店走进普通百姓家。 Chongqing joyboa waterproof engineering co., LTD., waterproof coating is a well-known brand in China, the Chinese building waterproof materials industry well-known brands, chongqing famous trademark, the high-tech enterprises, in order to produce functional building materials, decorative insulation and waterproof engineering system supplier. Chongqing joyboa waterproof engineering co., LTD. Is a production of functional building materials, decorative insulation and waterproof engineering system vendor, is a national high-tech enterprises, is the vice President of China association of building waterproof units. The company has multiple materials plant in chongqing, chongqing joyboa waterproof engineering co., LTD., and many other subsidiaries. Pipe, production staff, marketing, engineering construction total number of employees more than one hundred people. Chongqing joyboa waterproof engineering co., LTD., founded in 2009, on July 6, the headquarters is located in chongqing municipality jiulongpo district. Engaged in functional materials research and development, production, sales and construction of the enterprise, including building waterproof (coil) and coating, decorative insulation, siphon drainage system, namely the emissions system, etc. Joyboa waterproof products cover the four major categories, dozens of varieties, has several national patents, and passed the quality management system and so on all professional certification. As waterproof system solutions provider, chongqing joyboa waterproof will be successfully applied in a variety of special waterproof system: housing construction, highways, urban road and bridge, the subway and urban rail, high-speed railways, airports, water conservancy facilities, and many other areas, including landmarks to many countries and provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Company and jinke property, longfor group, hutchison whampoa property on states deiss hotel, sheraton hotel in chongqing, chongqing, formerly stone square and other large real estate developers, the enterprise group to establish a long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship. In the face of the terminal consumer demand for high quality waterproof product, chongqing joyboa waterproof by several large domestic outfit company thousands and thousands of building materials market shop into the ordinary homes.
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